The CPA Advantage

Working with a professional CPA means that you can worry less about your finances, tax prep, and audits so that you can focus on your business and your life. Christine Ramsey, CPA, has 20 years of experience working with Virginia locals to improve their financial health. Here’s the CPA advantage:

Expert Financial Advice

CPAs are required to complete extensive accounting programs at the university level. After becoming licensed, a CPA is required to keep education up-to-date with changes in laws and tax codes – so that clients aren’t missing crucial details in their filings.

We’re a Small Business, Too

We know the importance of accurate financial records for small businesses because we’re one, too. You’ll work with one person who has intimate knowledge of your finances for better security. We encourage our clients to come in with questions and are happy to consult through any issues. We’ll work with your business to create the best possible personalized plan to keep you moving forward.

Industry Expertise

At The Tax Coach, our CPAs have the tremendous industry expertise to better provide our clients with financial plans that make sense for them.

Strategic Advice

Choosing a CPA to work with isn’t just finding someone to do your taxes yearly. At The Tax Coach, we work all year round to prepare documents, maximize deductions, create financial plans, and manage books.

Thorough Financial Analysis

While accountants aren’t licensed nor required to stay aware of law changes, a CPA is educated and experienced when it comes to financial records. Have a CPA go through these documents for accuracy and to save you money.

Representation in IRS Audits

In both business and individual matters, tax audits happen and require time, detail, and attention. Your CPA can represent you completely to the IRS, in addition to filing the right documents.

We work with you to create the best possible financial plan going forward.