Tax Planning Services

Tax season isn’t the only time you should think about your taxes. At The Tax Coach, we do that for you. We work with you and your business using a personalized approach to protect your finances and your reputation.

Throughout the year, our professionals will look at your statements and continuously develop strategies to help save you money. We consider the credits and deductions you and your business can take throughout the year, look for routes to lessen taxes on investments and gifts, and make sure you’re taking advantage of tax law changes as they occur.

Maximize your earnings with The Tax Coach.

Reduce Your Liability

Planning ahead with a professional reduces your liability and maximizes your after-tax income.

Tax Saving Strategies

We go through your income several times a year, always looking for ways to save on your taxes. With deductions being written off year-round, you’ll see the benefit in your bottom line.

Tax-Free Retirement Plans

We work with you to find the best type of plan to save for your future, trying to limit taxation on your retirement plans.

Estate Planning

Have our CPA look at your estate so that you can be sure you’re getting the most of what you own. At The Tax Coach, we can show you how to avoid tax pit traps, as we actively manage your other assets.

Property Tax Planning

Save on your property taxes by going over them with a CPA that can help figure out how to maximize deductions on your property and explain changes in recent tax laws that can be used to your advantage.

Corporate Tax Planning

We help with business acquisitions, multi-state taxation, and business start-up planning. We help you find ways to curtail your tax percentages while expanding your profits.

Make smart choices regarding your money. We can help.